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Q. Do I need a licence to ride an electric bicycle?
A. No. As long as the power output of the motor is under 200w, as all of our electric bicycles are.
Q. Do I need to register an electric bicycle?
A. No. Under Australian law our electric bicycles are classed as ordinary bicycles, as they have a power output of less than 250w.
Q. How far can I travel on one charge?
A. Approx 25 km, depending on road terrain, tyre pressures, weight of rider, wind resistance, speed, and amount of pedal assistance given.
Q. What lifespan can I expect from my battery?
A. Approximately 3-4 years.
Q. What happens if the battery goes flat while I’m riding?
A. Simply turn off the ignition, and ride the electric bicycle as a normal bicycle.
Q. What is the warranty?
A. We offer a comprehensive manufacturers warranty on all our new electric bicycles for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Q. How fast will my bike go?
A. The speed would vary depending on several factors, for example, tyre pressures, weight of rider, wind resistance battery condition, amount of pedal assistance given. A rough guide though is around 25km/h unassisted, and faster than that depending on how fast you can pedal!
Q. Do I need to pedal?
A. Only if you want to – the choice is yours. However, battery power together with pedal power is the recommended combination for most effective operation. In any case pedal assistance will be required to maintain your speed on hills..
Q. What are the running costs?
A. Generally 5-10cents a day, assuming very regular use.
Q. Does the battery recharge when I pedal?
A. No – it must be re-charged with the approved charger supplied with your electric bicycle.
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