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Smart eBike

Smart eBike
Many Car manufacturers have plunged into the task making an eBike that carries their brand.  Some of those are purely for promotional purpose.  While others are genuinely looking for new opportunities.  There is an impressive lineup: The likes of Audi, Peugeot, BMW.  Even Ford is teaming up with Pedego to make their own ebike.  I’d like to note there that Peugeot is different to the rest, in that they have a fairly sold track record of making bicycles, and power-assisted bicycles.  Even before WW1, Peugeot was producing 80,000 bicycles p.a.  Their strong presence in the bike industry remained until the 1980’s, when stiff competition from Asian producers forced Peugeot to stop bicycle production, but was relaunched again in the late 90’s. 
Among the current offerings, one ebike that stands out in the last year is the Smart eBike.
With 2 models, a standard  beltdrive 250W 36V 9.6 Ah Li-ion battery pack, 22kg in weight.  As well as a 500W model, capable of up to 45 km/h.  Obviously the latter would not be road legal in Australia.  The 500W uses the BionX PL500 system, albeit somewhat customized to ensure it fits the bike 
We have approached Mercedes Australia to ask them if they could supply these bikes.  We were informed that there are no immediate plans for the Smart ebikes to be sold in Australia.  Having said that, Smart Car Australia have a google ad promoting Smart ebike.  I’m not sure why they would advertise an ebike if there are no plans to sell it in Australia.  My guess is they are gauging the market to see if there is enough interest to justify importing the Smart eBike.
No doubt you are wondering about the price tag of the Smart eBike.  You’d be looking arount the 3000 euros, or about $4,300.  How would that sit compared to the high-end ebikes in that category remains to be seen.

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