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Pedego Electric Bikes Come To Sydney

Pedego Electric Bikes Come To Sydney

There is something about Pedego Electric bikes that says Fun.  Whether it’s the bright colours, or the cruisy style of the bike, the fat tyres, the moustache handlebars, or something else entirely that we don’t even register, these bikes simply make you smile. 

You make lots of new friends riding a Pedego.  The probably just want you for your bike, and some of them won’t even try to be subtle about it.  But one must not be too particular these days.  Besides, there is certain evil satisfaction in knowing other people are envious of your 2-wheeled loyal modern day steed. 

The Pedego are quite solidly built, while it’s built for cruising rather than speed one would expect with hybrid type ebikes, this is not the kind of bike that would slip from under you if you lost concentration for a split second.  The weight distribution is more rear-centric, due to the motor and the battery being at the back, coupled with the fat tyres, giving you plenty of traction on take-off.

When it comes to the bike colors, Pedego proves to be everybody’s friend.  Whether you like the classic colors, the black, white, or blue.  Or if vibrant colors are more your thing, Pedego ebikes offer you a rainbow of lively colors, from red, orange, purple, to pink, baby blue, olive green.  If you enjoy color in your life, you will feel at home with Pedego ebikes.

Update to this Page
Sadly, Electric Velocity is no longer selling the Pedego brand, but if you are on the market for a cruiser ebike, come and see us.  We will fit you win an ebike equally pleasing

Test-ride a Pedego e-bike at Electric Velocity today, and add a little sunshine to your day.

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