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Aseako Electric Bikes - Our View

Aseako Electric Bikes - Our View

Selling or Repairing  Aseako Electric Bike

We get asked often if we service/repair Aseako electric bikes.  We also get asked if we sell Aseako electric bikes, or if we have an opinion about them.

We can service or repair of Aseako electric bikes, we diagnose and quote for repairs.  In some cases only an estimate can be given.

As far as whether we sell the Aseako Bikes.  We don’t sell Aseako bikes.  We used to sell Gette, which is the same as the Aseako, with better components.  After trying them for a while, we decided it wasn’t good enough to sell in our bike shop.  Other reputable electric bike stores in Sydney, and interstate had very similar experience, and would share our view.

The Aseako’s claim of being most advanced electric bike, or that it has high torque that it can handle 30 deg grade is seriously exaggerated. 

On the basis of such claim, Aseako suggest to potential buyers that they should not pay retail price, and instead buy from them online.

As we are a retailer of electric bikes, we take these claims personally, and In response to such call to action, we would like to suggest that our electric bikes are better than Aseako bikes in every respect.  Better components, better build, better performance, and most importantly far superior after-sale support  which means a full warranty as opposed to Parts-only warranty.  Our prices are comparable, if not better.

We don’t just sell ebikes in boxes, over the years we have developed intimate knowledge of ebikes.  Repairs and servicing make up a big component of our business.  That is why we are able to compete with Online-only stores, as we are not reliant on sales alone.  Consistently, our customers come back to us when they want to upgrade their electric bike.  Whereas buying online invariably ends up as an expensive experiment.  The reason we know that, is because many online ebike purchasers also come to us after they become frustrated with their unsupported purchase.

We don’t want to capture the entire Australian market.  We strongly believe that with ebikes you need the local support in your own city.  So if you are in Sydney, and are considering buying an Aseako electric bike, we suggest you go and test ride one, and then come to our store and test our range, and see what we have to offer.  Don’t fall for the hyped up self-promotions.  Instead make an intelligent and informed decision based on your own experience.


Happy Riding :-)

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