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Electric Velocity is the New Fuji Bikes Dealer

After more than a year of chasing a Fuji Bike account. We finally got it. To say it would have been easier to get blood out of a stone is an understatement. Suffice to say that the world of Bike wholesalers is curious one. Despite the doom and gloom that is going on in the retail market. It seems bike wholesalers can still afford to knock back dealers wanting to stock their products. I am reminded of a certain Bridget Jones phrase, which I will keep to myself at this stage.

10 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Electric Bikes Online

When I first got into electric bikes, the choices of suppliers was rather scant. No self-respecting bike shop owner would consider it a bicycle, let alone display it on their shopfloor. There were a couple of websites selling a few kits with lead acid battery in a carry bag, weighing a tonne. The quality was highly questionable, the price was extortionate, the confidence level in the product virtually non existent.

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