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Smart eBike

Many car manufacturers have thrown their hats into the eBike ring. It was inevitable that Smart car manufacturer would come to the party. In this article we take a quick look a the Smart eBike.

flykly smart bicycle wheel gives-riders electric Momentum

Is this electric bike kit as good as the CNET article and the Youtube clip make it sound like? Or is it a case of recycled technology, and recycled news?

Moustache Electric Bikes

Moustache is a fresh and promising brand coming into the electric Bike scene. It has attracted the attention of the UK Electric Bike Buyers guide. While the brand is not yet available on the Sydney electric bikes market. We are hopeful that as the market grows, it will become viable for brands like Moustache bikes to to take part.

Aseako Electric Bikes - Our View

Frequently we are asked by customers about the Aseako Electric Bike brand. This article outlines how this brand compares to electric bikes purchased from a dedicated Electric Bike store.

Buying Electric Scooters in Sydney

Electric scooters have gained a certain level of popularity in Sydney, as well as other major cities in Australia. There maybe a number of reasons for this popularity. As a 2-wheeled vehicle, it certainly is more practical than a car particularly around the inner city, and much cheaper to run. IN this article we discuss the issues surrounding the buying of electric scooters.

Pedego Electric Bikes Come To Sydney

There is something about Pedego Electric bikes that says Fun. Whether it’s the bright colours, or the cruisy style of the bike, the fat tyres, the moustache handlebars, or something else entirely that we don’t even register, these bikes simply make you smile.

Electric Bikes - The Age of the Spiritual Machine

The rabbi says to the priest I got myself an electric bike. It’s cheap, reliable, and runs itself on the Sabbath. The priest says, I got one too, the darn thing is too enjoyable to ride, I’m absolutely ridden with guilt. Wouldn’t it be great if buying an electric bike was as easy and fun as a cheap joke.

RideOn Magazine Electric Bike Buyers Guide

Recently, an article appeared in Rideon Magazine. The article offers an e-bike Buyers’ Guide, in the form of a list of e-bikes with a rating. The guide seems too biased, and contains quite a bit of useless information.

Can you Boost Your E-Bike’s Power

When people come and test-ride electric bikes. The first reaction is usually an expression of a pleasant surprise. Frequently, customers will ask if the bike can be boosted to make it go faster. I thought I’d touch briefly on this topic.

Electric Bike Vs Electric Kit

We are often asked about whether it’s better to buy a fully integrated bike, or fit a conversion kit on either an existing bike, or a brand new regular bike. I would like keep my views simple, so as not to overload readers with information. I also want to state that my views are only based on my previous experience, and they are in no way written in stone.

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