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Why Retül?

Bike Fit while sitting stationary vs pedalling under load

We take the frustration, lack of performance, pain, and potential injuries, by working towards pinpointing the most optimal bio-mechanics, power leverage, comfort, and aerodynamics, while also taking into account previous injuries, as well as riding style.

Retül couples the measured readings of cyclist’s progressive pedaling position with a knowledgebase dataset to produce a functional fit that’s most relevant to your body bike and discipline.

Whether you want to be fit for a new bike or are looking to optimize your position on your existing bike. Let us Retül your fit.

Retül allows the fitter to measure the rider while pedaling under load.

How Retül Works

Retül’s 3D motion capture utilises 8 anatomical LED markers strategically positioned on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and ball of the foot, to simultaneously measure the rider’s movement. The best way to analyse a rider's efficiency is to observe and measure the rider while he or she is pedalling. Retül 3D motion capture technology simultaneously measures three planes of movement on the rider as he or she is in motion. Using eight anatomical LED markers strategically placed on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and ball of the foot, the Retül sensor communicate to gather large amounts of information in real time that is immediately reported allowing interpretation of every major joint of the cyclist’s body.

A cyclist's pedaling mechanics can change significantly when applying variable efforts to the pedals. Retül averages the rider's pedal strokes to provide comprehensive reports reflecting the rider's movements. This enables us to provide you with the most precise fitting experience possible.

The Process

  1. Initial interview and questionnaire. The process begins with a brief interview and review of the questionnaire filled in when making your booking online. This helps us better understand the characteristics of your cycling, including history of injury / discomfort and objectives.
  2. Functional assessment. Through a series of tests and observations we measure and assess posture, flexibility and core strength. This helps us recognize any limiting factors or special considerations that will help with your fit.
  3. Placement of anatomical markers. Velcro coins are placed very carefully on specific anatomical landmarks that allow the Retül harness to be wired to the cyclist allowing data to be collected.
  4. Initial data capture. The 8 markers on the harness are connected to the cyclist (wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel and foot) and initial data captured while the rider pedals, this is done on both the left and right side of the body.
  5. Data analysis and corrections. This is where the action happens. Results are displayed instantly and your position and or components are changed or adjusted and readjusted until the desired position is achieved.
  6. Digital measurement of the bicycle. Happy with our new position, a 3D image of your bike is taken which allows us to Generate a report that shows the rider’s details position on his/her bike
  7. Retül Report. A report containing all the measures of your bicycle, enabling you to replicate the optimal position on other bikes. It will also include a report with all measures of the cyclist.

The Retül Difference

Retül allows the fitter to see data that he or she could not see with a standard fitting system. Static measuring is time consuming and inaccurate when compared to Retül 3D fitting, giving the fitter necessary information immediately accurately and most important consistently. The fitter still has to understand the core aspects of anatomy and cycling to truly maximize the capabilities of the Retül system:

- Provides measurement accuracy and repeatability, rather than using measurements subject to inaccuracy and human error.
- Views the rider in three dimensions rather than two, giving the fitter a broader snapshot of the rider's biomechanics on the bike.
- Allows the fitter to analyze a data set of averaged pedal strokes from the rider, rather than relying on a single frame of video.
- Calculates data reports within a matter of seconds, eliminating manual post-processing, and reports can be archived for future reference.


What are the benefits of a proper bike fit?
A proper bike fit is essential for injury prevention and to maximized efficiency. An optimal position on the bike will allow for greater comfort which translates to riding longer using less energy and of course more enjoyment while riding. All bodies are different and your position on the bike should reflect your biomechanics.

Why get fit with Retül 3D motion capture technology?
The best way to analyse a rider's efficiency is to observe and measure the rider while he or she is pedalling on the bike. Retül 3D motion capture technology simultaneously measures three planes of movement on the rider as he or she is in motion. Retül averages the rider's pedal strokes to provide a comprehensive data set reflecting the rider's movements. The data obtained at this point allows the Retül technician to properly evaluate changes to a rider's position. Attempts to analyse the rider in a static position, or only in two dimensions, will not provide data at the same level of accuracy as 3D motion capture.

Who can benefit from a bike fit?
Generally, if you are serious enough to clip into a bike, you will benefit from a bike fit. Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective yet economical way to improve performance.

How long does a Retül fit take?
An average fit with Retül lasts between 90 – 120 minutes. However, if you have major adjustments or component changes, the fit may be longer.

How is fit data shared with the rider?
The Retül software archives data for every rider and his or her bike/bikes. The client receives a report of the final fit data, which includes body measurements and angles, as well as bike set-up and measurements.

What do I need to bring for my fit?
Basically, you will need everything that you normally ride / race with.

  • Bike(s).
  • Cycling clothing and shoes, gloves if you ride with them.
  • If you have one, your aero helmet for TT/Triathlon Fits.
  • Any insoles, shoe wedges you may have.
  • Professional referral letters.
** Please ensure shoes and clothes are dry / clean as this will help with the body markers


What if I want to transfer my fit to another bike/ bikes?
The software establishes a file for each rider and within that file, the bike and final fit data is stored by each bike the rider would like to be fit to. The client receives a printed report of the final fit, so with an understanding of frame geometry differences and proper measuring tools, the cyclist can duplicate the numbers themselves on a new bike, keeping in mind that different types of riding may require different rider positions.

Can I book multiple bikes?
Yes, multiple bikes are welcome. Many of our clients bring both their road bike and mountain / time trial bike.

How does Retül compare to video analysis?

  • Video analysis is two-dimensional, while motion capture is three-dimensional. A small error is added to measurements by not including all three dimensions in the calculation process. Small errors make big differences in bike fit.
  • Video cameras have a narrow field of view. Retül sensors have a wide field of view. This means that the video camera must be one to two meters further away from the rider to capture the full view of the rider.
  • Video analysis places measurement markers on a small 2D computer screen. Retül places measurement markers on the rider's body using easy to find skeletal landmarks.
  • Video analysis requires that you manually trace each measurement after recorded with your mouse. Retül automatically performs all the measurements instantly with no manual work.
  • Video analysis takes measurements from one frame of video, which may or may not be a typical position of the rider. Retül automatically averages the measurements from each pedal stroke, creating a highly refined model of the average movements of the rider.


For further information, or to arrange for a Bike Fitting Service, send an email to: info@electricvelocity.com.au

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